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There are a number of ways to use the search function on this website.

The easiest is to simply enter a search term and click go, which will provide a list of nearest matches to your query ordered by the latest additions (or updates). The search will provide some suggestions and can handle minor spelling mistakes. Additionally, if you search for a large sub set of items, such as 'gas fire', you will be redirected to the actual product section rather than the search results.

If you have a more specific product in mind, then typing this into the search field may present a list of nearest matches beneath the search field itself. As you enter more characters the entries in the list may narrow down. If anything is of interest simply click on that item then click go. Note that the autocomplete is designed to return a specific model or item rather than categories.

Finally, you can also perform a category and price range search by choosing appropriately from the drop down menus and clicking go. The results page will then give further sorting options by sub category.


All the product sections, including the search page - have additional sorting features which are fairly self explanatory but are covered here for completeness.

By default, sorting is by date and by ALL sub categories but options to sort by price and by all relevant sub categories are also available. Clicking on the £ icon alternately sorts by ascending and descending price, as indicated by the green and red arrows. You can return to the default date sorting by clicking on the 'X' to the left of the £. Furthermore, the number of items display can be swithched by clicking on the '5 Items' (it may say '20 Items') button. The list of sub categories on the left can be used to refine the search results if available - but not all sections will have this option, in which case only 'All' will be displayed.

Any search options set on the page will persist until either a new page is requested, a new search is performed or you click the 'All' sub-category and the 'X' clear sort button.